6 Wedding Trends to Inspire

there are so many ways you can customize your wedding to be uniquely yours

Here’s five trends that are worth a second look!


As an officiant, I have the privilege of experiencing traditional and non-traditional weddings. I also do a lot of research and consult social media. While these trends may not be new, I am presenting five that are worth considering; ways to infuse your unique personality into your wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Welcome Sign


Ring Warming
The two rings are secured on the ring pillow, in a special box or a pouch. They are carefully given to the row where family is seated. As the ceremony starts, family members take turns holding the rings and infusing them with their best wishes, love or blessing. When it’s time for the ring exchange, a member of the wedding party collects the rings and presents them to the officiant. This allows for audience participation and can be very emotional. Caution: think about how far you want them to travel and to whom.


Whether a couple is on a tight budget or wish to share their marriage ceremony with their closest family and friends, or even keep their ceremony private, micro-weddings are more intimate with 50 guests or fewer. These smaller gatherings can be held in smaller or more unusual venues or even back yards. If you’re not interested in a big complicated production, a micro-wedding might be right for you.
Caution: Since the guest list is smaller, it may require some revision and compromise!


Unforgettable Locations

If you’ve always dreamed of a church wedding, that’s the way to go. If, however, that’s not the vibe you’re interested in, backyards, campgrounds, mountain tops, ice rinks, baseball diamonds, a waterside gazebo…. there are as many choices as you have imagination. Officiants can work wherever you wish for your marriage to take place. Let your location speak to how you met, activities you enjoy, tradition, family, whatever creates the experience that uniquely reflects you as a couple.
Caution: if you want to be married in a public area, do your due diligence and get a permit or permission if required


Rock Ceremony

While candles and sand ceremonies have been popular for years, rock ceremonies can be a way of providing your guests a way to participate. Each guest can select a polished stone (provided by you), a crystal, shell or even a marble. During the ceremony, guests hold the rock in their hand, infusing it with their love and best wishes. Then, guests are invited on their way out to add their stones to a vase or special container where the couple have already placed their stones. They remain a reminder for the couple of all who support them and how their journey thus far and ahead is not alone.
Caution: ensure the stones will fit the container and that it can be easily carried.


For those who are either unable to attend or have passed away, a few words and a moment of silence can invite some reflection and acknowledge how much they or their memories mean to the couple. Some couples will set up a table with photographs and mementos.  There are many simple statements that an officiant or guest can say for this purpose.
Caution: emotions can be exemplified on a wedding day so keep this short and sweet and do not dwell.


Grand Parents

Are you wishing to honour include your grandparents? Sometimes grandparents are our best friends and they don’t have the role in our weddings they so deserve. Two trends I’ve seen are having grandparents as flower and/or ring bearers or asking them to sign the marriage certificate and registrar instead of maid of honour and best man.
Caution: traditionalists may need some convincing but it can be a memorable and touching change.

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